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Yandere-Chan Update
Just so everyone knows, I'll be updating Yandere-Chan soon.
But there is going to be something different. Instead of deleting her, then making a new deviation, I'll just update the download.
I'll put New next to the new things, when I update her. Right now she's going to have the rest of her club accessories, and the new weapons.
As I said, she'll be updated many times, during the games development, so if you ever see her in your watch, that means I updated her, and you should download her again, if you want the new features.
:icondrasisw:DrasiSw 10 9
Done with Yandere Sim models
Probably gonna quit making YS models. ^^ I've been wanting to quit for a while now, because of all the bullcrap they've caused me to go through, but a lot of your support has kept me from doing so. So I at least want to say thank you for that. But I'm finally done, thanks to the person who just pushed me too far. They got angry just because I told them not to distribute the uniforms I never wanted to give them in the first place. You can now pretend I never made any YS models. Act like there's no rules. You can edit for your OCs, redistribute, distribute your edits, I don't care anymore. I probably sound too dramatic, but I've been feeling very unmotivated to continue making them. I'm not going to delete them, just take them, and do whatever you want.
I really truly just want to thank all of you. As I'm typing this I've just received a note saying I'm an inspiration to them, and a comment on YouTube complementing my model. I've received so much support through these
:icondrasisw:DrasiSw 36 184
Note for downloads (information)
Like my last journal, this is just something to give some information.
This time about models that are not for public download, but are labeled "note for download".
These will most likely be Yandere Simulator models, as those rules are broken the most.
As the title says, to receive these models you must send me a note asking for the download of the model you want.
However... there are requirements.
-If you've EVER edited/redistributed/taken parts from my other YS models, you WILL NOT receive the download link. Deleting those models will not affect this.
You might think this requirement is unfair, yes? Since I clearly stated you're allowed to do whatever you want with my YS models. If you have ever done something like this, that was once a rule, you will not receive any models that are "note for download"s.
-You have to have some kind of image in your gallery made with MMD. If you do not, send me a link to something you would use this model in.<
:icondrasisw:DrasiSw 23 43
An actual explanation
Blah blah blah, if you've watched me for a while, you've probably heard this a million times.
Keep on moving, I'm just leaving this here for people who don't already know. ;;
A million times.
You can leave now.
But if you're here, because you don't already know:
I made models, TDA edits of the characters in Yandere Simulator, yes?
The models I'm talking about:
:icondrasisw:DrasiSw 11 15
PDAFT Luka V4X !!! :iconmegurinesempai:MegurineSempai 25 15


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